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Spare Parts

With our extensive stock we are equipped to deliver to the distributor or their customer where and when required.

Stocking in excess of 5,000 separate line items our computerised parts ordering system ensures maximum first pick rates from our Waukesha warehouse.

A wide range of books and workshop manuals are also available as is parts training on and off site.

Don't know the part number? Or need advice? Please call your local distributor. They are fully trained and equipped to help you.

We have a commitment to customer satisfaction and service and we pride ourselves on this. We hope you find what you are looking for.


Genuine filters at after market prices, ensuring a longer working life for your engine. Imitation filters can turn out to be expensive in the long run.

Starter Motors & Alternators

We stock a full range of starters and alternators at very competitive prices.

Regulators, Switches, Solenoids, Instrument Boxes

Extensive stocks ensuring the efficiency of your electrical system. Why wait for an electrician to repair it when we have the right parts on the shelves at the right price.

Fuel Injection & Lift Pumps

Why recondition old units when we have new units ready to go. Reconditioned units are very often not calibrated or set up properly causing running problems with your engine when fitted.