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Repairs & Maintenance

At Hatz Diesel of America we have a fully equipped workshop. This includes cleaning facilities, testing equipment, cranes for easy handling of the engine components and a full selection of special tools to carry out work on our Hatz Diesel engines. All our staff are factory trained in our purpose built training facility in our parent company in Ruhstorf (Germany).

Service Data Chart

Engine Testing (Dynamometer)

Hatz Diesel of America can perform engine testing when needed. This is very beneficial when our customers are not sure if it is the engine or the machine that is not performing. The two machines below allow us to bolt our engines onto the base plates and check the power with the two electrical breaks.

This in turn transfers information to a set of computers that gives us the power readings. The result can be logged onto a graph and a printout can be obtained.

General Repair Work

Our distributors and dealers perform a wide range of general repairs. Please contact the distributor for your state to locate the service dealer closest to you.